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Oscar Ortiz Artwork

Welcome to a world where vibrant hues dance in harmony, where Puerto Rican art springs to life in a symphony of color. Since 2001, our collection has been a celebration of culture, each stroke echoing the island's spirit. Internationally licensed, these canvases encapsulate the soul of Puerto Rico, inviting you to own a piece of its captivating essence—a testament to its rich heritage that transcends borders and whispers tales of passion and vibrancy to adorn your collection.

Oscar Ortiz OSCAR ORTIZ::

b. 1964. Manhattan, NY, USA


Dowd Theater, Group Show, Art Walk, Monroe, NC 2023

El Barrio's Artspace PS109, NY, NY, Group Show "Seeing Voices de Visiones Boricuas" 2021

Marshville Museum and Cultural Center, NC Solo Show 2017

Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC Group Show 2013

Monroe Art Walk, Monroe, NC Group Show 2012

Museum of Art, University of North Carolina, Durham, NC Group Show 2012

Monroe Art Walk, Monroe, NC Group Show 2010

The Alcove Gallery, Monroe, NC Solo Show 2009

Monroe Art Walk, Monroe, NC Group Show 2009

Art Not Terminal Gallery, Seattle, Washington Group Show June, 2009


Presson Gallery, Monroe, NC (licensed images) (licensed images)



Norwood Publishers, USA ongoing collaboration for calendar images

2005 Puerto Rican Professional Association of South Florida Business Guide, FL, cover illustration

Fundacion Puertorriquena de Wisconsin y el Equipo Del Projecto de La Danza en Milwaukee, WI, promotional illustration

Esmaco Printers, PR, fully illustrated 2005 promotional calendar

2012 Arte Publico, illustrations for picture book "The Poet Upstairs" by Judith Cofer Ortiz

National Geographic Learning


Guild of Charlotte Artists
Collective Artists for Ethnic Diversity


Detailed Bio:

Oscar Ortiz, an artist of Puerto Rican heritage, was born in New York and raised in Puerto Rico.
Currently, he resides in a serene rural suburb of North Carolina. Let us delve into his inspiring journey.


Oscar's childhood in Puerto Rico is filled with vivid memories. He recalls running through the pouring rain to the nearby convenience store, where he would buy slices of meat wrapping paper from "Don Serafin" for just a cent each. With great care, the elderly gentleman would slowly tear the paper, roll it into scrolls, and tie them with a string. Despite being drenched from the rain, little Oscar, who suffered from rheumatic fever and a heart murmur, would joyfully return home to sketch superheroes on the few dry sheets he had.

During his formative years, Oscar's teachers recognized his artistic talents and frequently sought his involvement in school art projects. He dedicated countless hours to creating illustrations that served as teaching aids. The pure joy he experienced from bringing happiness to others through his paintings and drawings was immensely satisfying. However, the promising artist's creative spark remained dormant for nearly three decades.


In the summer of 2000, while strolling through downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, Oscar and his wife decided to explore a Comic Book Artists convention. As they stepped into the building, a profound silence engulfed Oscar, leaving only the sound of pencils scratching against paper. Hundreds of professional artists were diligently sketching from left to right. Slowly traversing each booth, his heart raced with excitement. Finally, he turned to his wife, Wina, and proclaimed, "This is what I am meant to be, an artist." Her resolute response echoed his sentiment, "Then you must pursue this passion!" This conversation took place in front of the 'Art Instruction Schools' booth. A silver-haired gentleman named Mr. Ballard, seemingly able to read minds, approached the couple and asked, "Do you draw?" Oscar replied, "Well, I do have a couple of sketches at home." Mr. Ballard and Oscar arranged to meet at his residence for a talent evaluation. "You certainly have drawing skills, but you can further enhance them by learning illustration techniques through our school," Mr. Ballard advised. Despite his initial doubts about the validity of learning mechanical illustrative techniques, Oscar heeded his wife's encouragement and embarked on the educational journey. Month after month, he witnessed his draftsmanship abilities sharpening with each passing day.

Before long, one of Oscar's illustrations found its way into the local newspaper, followed by an exhibition of figurative realism.

Throughout his artistic career, Wina had been the pivotal figure supporting his aspirations. One fine day, she candidly expressed her desire, "Honey, I adore your pencil drawings, but I long to see vibrant colors. If you truly want to make a living through art, you need to paint!" Oscar had always regarded painting as a sacred realm reserved for the exceptionally gifted. However, his perspective shifted. His wife's words resonated deeply, and he embraced the world of painting. From that point forward, Oscar made it his mission to gain a comprehensive understanding of fine art and learn from accomplished professionals. This involved visiting local and international artists in their studios, establishing communication through emails, and constantly seeking their guidance on technical matters. His self-imposed education was complemented by reading hundreds of books spanning various mediums and subscribing to numerous art magazines.

In a mere two years of actively painting without any formal academic training or personal coaching, Oscar received his first commissioned piece. That moment affirmed his conviction, leaving no room for doubt. Subsequent exhibitions and commissions ensued, with over 10 pieces sold within six months. As the saying goes, "the rest is history."

In a departure from the typical path where artists often have to seek out major international image reproduction companies to gain global recognition, Oscar received exclusive invitations from two prominent art reproduction institutions. These prestigious institutions, Bridgeman Images (formerly known as Bridgeman Art Library) and International Art Licensing, recognized the exceptional talent and artistic vision of Oscar and extended invitations for him to join their esteemed roster of artists. Today, these institutions remain steadfast supporters of Oscar's career, actively promoting and licensing his captivating images to audiences around the world.

In the year 2012, Oscar had the esteemed privilege of providing illustrations for the highly acclaimed children's book, "The Poet Upstairs." This captivating literary work was authored by the renowned and award-winning writer, Judith Ortiz-Cofer, and was published by Arte Publico. Oscar's artistic contributions added a visual enchantment to the pages, enhancing the immersive experience for readers of all ages. This project further demonstrated his artistic versatility and ability to captivate audiences across different genres and age groups.

Today, Oscar Ortiz stands as a highly esteemed artist who has skillfully carved out a unique place in the international art scene. His work has garnered widespread acclaim for its sophisticated and harmonious tropical color palette, showcasing his maturity and artistic control.